How to Avoid Unneccessary Human Interaction

One word: Starbucks.
More on that, of course: Starbucks’s Wi-Fi is so powerful I didn’t even have to leave my car for this post. I’m maybe seven or eight parking spots back from the front door and still have two bars (of five). Plenty. I suppose I’ll have to go inside anyway because I promised a friend I’d pick up an application for her, but this frees me up to make a fool of myself in the process if I so choose – I can just move on to another Starbucks (or the parking lot) while I wait for another friend to get off work. Too easy, but so worth the novelty of it!

  1. …and again at a Starbucks down the road! haha

    • Alana Kansaku-Sarmiento
    • December 28th, 2009

    i want to know what kind of foolery you would commit just for fun, because you can, at said starbucks.

  2. Tomfoolery, THAT’S what kind…and I have moved on to the third Starbucks of the evening because I found one across the street from the McMenamin’s Pub we’re meeting at. Record? Perhaps. Awesome? Probably.

    Downside: once it gets dark, you’re that girl who is OBVIOUSLY on her laptop in the parking lot. Stickin’ to sites with dark-ish color schemes for now so I don’t get car-jacked. 😉

  3. w0w this is funny. i’ve done that too. at our outside mall. I didn’t have the usual quarters that I usually use to pay for my tall caramel macchiato. So after an appt at the apple store, i walked a few yards down and sat outside starbucks. i can’t help that they offer free smells.

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