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2009 in Brief


Lived off a 10-lb sack of potatoes with Val, with whom I took a political poetry class that Winter III.


Another Singles Awareness Day.  Ho hum.

Practically lived at the PAC…well, kinda literally, but I didn’t sleep there (just practice, lifting, and SHOWERING).


LAX Spring Break tourney in Colorado Springs, CO.  The week started out in the 80s and ended in a blizzard (yes, literally).

“Fuego got hit in the leg real hard and all that B*@#% got was a YELLOW card!”


LAX Senior Night, then rocked our last away game (UPS)…and ended my college career on a yellow card with 1:30-ish left in the game.  #4: MULTIPLE major fouls!  Oops.  😉


Finally graduated – B.S. in Mathematics, minor in French…le woot.

Turned 23 in Boise, ID and ended the day at a Sounders game in Seattle, WA – thus extending my birthday to a 25-hour day!


Visited Val’s dad in CdA, Maverick & Gio in Missoula, Sierra in Whitefish/Glacier, Meagan’s fam in Great Falls, Kristen & Matt (and their broken-down car) in Ennis, Geezy, Ashley, & Rose in Bozo, Wade in Belt, and Val at Elkin’s on Priest Lake.  Sixteen days on the road and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight.

Maggie & Patrick’s wedding.

Kirsten & Greg’s wedding.


ID3 – St. Paul Rodeo

ID4 – IDK…but last year we watched the fireworks on the Willamette from just south of the Blues Festival. [12/22/09: Oh, now I remember!  Ashley & Brad’s wedding…and watching the fireworks in every town we passed on the drive home.]

Started working at a camp in Florence a week after training ended.

Lumberjack Summer!

Spencer Butte with Lopie…then bought 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s to make change for parking at the lake. We each ate one. I think I popped a button just writing this.


Bridge jumping in Florence, skim-boarding on breaks, and a week of windsurfing & Goodwill sweaters-by-the-pound.

Unofficial Lumberjack Day turned into Lumberjack Week…and then someone made up a Lumberjack SONG while I was pulled away from campfire.  I started running back toward campfire screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”…then my co-counselor & I almost wet ourselves laughing because That. Just. Happened.

Black Crater with Lopie, Lanikai, & Meryn.

Geoff & Katie’s wedding.

Practically lived in FoGro for a week or two, saying goodbye to friends and sending off summer in style.

Eagle Creek w/ Alana on Tuesday, waterfall hopping w/ Grace, Rachel, & her friend Ryan on Wednesday.


Went to Maui for Katie & Patrick’s wedding & Oahu to visit Shan & Mimi.

Hadn’t even left Oregon when I got a flat tire and had to crash in Eugene on my way to SoCal…movin’ out to save money and the first thing I do is spend $400 on new tires.  Eff.

Moved to SoCal, got a job, and spent the rest of the month playing LAX & waiting for my paperwork to clear.


Started working at Outdoor School in the mountains (again, after missing training week)…and successfully learned my coworkers’ names.


Hiked Crystal Cove & played in the tide pools.

Worked a week (awesome kids), had a week off for Veteran’s Day, worked a week (as a FLOATER), had a week off for Thanksgiving.


Worked a week (GO DUCKS week) – best kids yet, had a week off for snow, worked a week, and now two weeks off for the holidays!

Took 5 months off running and my knees are still buggin’.  Eff that.

Made a GO DUCKS week at work, watched the biggest Civil War Game since 1894, and got free beer & fries from the lady at Papa Jack’s because I made t-shirts just for the game…a great night made even better by the W.

Somewhere in there, went from hating California to “I think I’m gonna miss these people.”  I still miss Oregon, but I have to admit it’s been one helluva ride.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll even return some day.  Haiti first, this time.