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Classic Drafted, Circa mid-Feb 2009: “One Bad SOB”

Even though we got an unplanned week off of work on account of heavy snow, I seem to have left no time for my beloved friend BEER.  In deference to those who rooted so much for the return of Drafted, I lazily posted a draught from the original column.  Was this the published version?  My answer to that is a cliché: what do you get when you cross an elephant and a rhino?  Enjoy. (Beer: Southern Oregon Brewing Company’s Gold Ale)

First off, I would like to publicly berate Nick for subjecting me to this beer – he knew full well what he was getting me into…and that I prefer dark beer. Nevertheless, I, too, shelled out the $4.04 for a bomber at Mama Gia’s with an open mind and a friend’s questionably clean plastic cup (not even a glass…psshht…men). I love that the label sports a jolly suspenders man toting a keg of SOB; “so far, so good,” I thought. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the best part.

Scanning the rest of the label (yes, my disdain began before I had even opened the bottle), we see that SOB’s Gold Ale is “fermented with a lager yeast.” I have said it before, but I must reiterate that beer is categorized as either lager or ale based upon the type of YEAST used. You, dear beer, are a LAGER! Know your role! This paradox leads me to one of two conclusions – either someone downed a keg of this stuff while drawing up the label or, well, they just did not care to find out what they were bottling. Despite myself, I popped the top and dove in.

I was not overly impressed by the head, though I did clock it at 1:47 from full foam to near-complete dissipation. With my first sip, I shared Nick’s uncanny sensation of recognition. “Have I had this one before? It tastes like…is it?…my favorite pong beer?” Seemingly indistinguishable from my trusty Johnny 6-pack, this beer truly deserves to be served very cold, to the point that your taste buds become desensitized to its ineptitude and you are not put through the frustrating task of having to try and savor this one as craft brew.

As each mouthful warmed, it revealed the weak and watery body and flavors. I could hardly detect the hops. My sourest face came with the dregs, which tasted only of water.

Established in 2006, SOB is a relatively new company with nowhere to go but up. They are based in Medford, OR and I am hopeful that this offering is far superior on draught, however, this bomber bombed. They get my kudos for their community involvement, though.

On a scale of Keanu Reeves (1) to Sean Connery (10), this beer would be a Vin Diesel: eye-catching, but once you get into it you would rather have some cheesy kung-fu movie star for the same film. In other words, Coors Light already comes in bottles, so save your money.