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Festival of the Last Minute

First thing I did when I got home? My best friend from high school and I hit up Portland Saturday Market for the Festival of the Last Minute. Yeah! Nothin’ says welcome home like street vendors, fresh jams, and Girl-Who-Hula-Hoops-While-Playing-the-Saxophone.  Well, maybe One-Handed-Guitar-Hobo.  He rocks pretty hard.  Speaking of rocking, enjoy some snapshots from the last day of the 2009 Saturday Market season.

Dog wearing Oregon coat

Hope this pup wasn't born in Corvallis.

Yeah, it was cold – and it seemed like all the dogs out were TINY!  They were cute, all shivering and hypothermic.  Some owners carried them around in their sweaters.  Others – well, you saw.

Trying to show how cold it is.

This kid thinks we're nuts.

See?!  Cold.  It is surprisingly difficult to get a cold-breath shot on the fly.  This is attempt #4…and that little boy has begun to wonder about the crazies behind him in line for elephant ears.  I wonder, too.

Boy with a spatula through the head

How would you even get that in there?

The best part of the Festival of the Last Minute is that there are more chitlins runnin’ around with kitschy toys than usual…probably because their parents are in an unusually giving mood.  He seemed too polite for me to want to shove a spatula handle-first through his temples, though.  Pity.

Portland Saturday Market '09

I love my town.

A close second to the Kitsch is the Indie.  Arts and crafts edge closer together on this Portland pavement…the edgier it is, the better it sells.  I fall in love with every indie boy I pass on the street.  Sigh.  I love Portland.

On the MAX

Perfunctory MAX shot.

What is it about a day on the town that makes everyone (myself included) take boring photos on the MAX?  Must be that darn holiday cheer!