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Full Sail’s Wassail

It’s stormy and rainy in beautiful southern California this weekend, so I figured this would be the perfect time to bust out another Oregon winter brew.  When in Rain…
One of the winter seasonals I brought home over Christmas break was Full Sail Brewing’s Wassail (is it just my pun-tastic tendencies, or does anyone else wish they had spelled it Wass’Ale or summat?). The bottle itself is enough to make you want to go skiing…or just hole up in a ski lodge with a few bottles and a sweetheart. Even the cap is cute, with “stoked to brew, brewed to stoke” printed around the top and “naughty” and “nice” arrows on the sides of this twist-off.

Full Sail's Clever Cap

Stoked to Brew, Brewed to Stoke

After twisting the cap to the “nice” side and pouring the rich red-brown nectar into my ghetto glass, I shoved my nose in for a whiff…and had to jam my schnoz in further and further to get a fair sniff. Though the toasty, slightly grassy aroma was definitely a plus, it was weaker than I had been hoping for. I suppose there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, but by the same token, this was too little of a great nose.
My first swallow confirms my love of winter seasonals – the taste goes straight to the back of my tongue and stays there. I wouldn’t say this ale is quite full-bodied, but Wassail is definitely on the heaviest side of medium-bodied. Perhaps the 7.0% abv tips the scale on that subject, however. Drinking my way down the glass, I am in love with how the head lingers on the glass walls. What a great visual to complement an all-around enjoyable winter warmer. Now, if I only had a raging fire with which to enjoy this. Oh, to be in the Northwest.
On an adrenaline scale from watching TV (1) to skydiving (10), Wassail earned a heavy day of windsurfing (8.7) from me. How appropriate, considering Hood River is one of the best places in the world for it.