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Swift Kick in the Pelican: India Pelican Ale

Pacific City, OR is mostly known for 1) that gargantuan dune – SO fun to hike up and board down – and 2) Pelican Pub & Brewery. The dune may be quite filling, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth so why not hike up it instead and check out Pelican afterward.

I do so love me some IPA and since the bomber promised this classic hoppy brew with a unique American twist, how could I resist?!  Pop open the top and dig your nose way down into the head and just soak it up because the only way I can descre the aroma is “delicious.” It was almost sweet-smelling, but still had that green bite.  The head itself was delightfully stiff – the best kind of defiance.  Then, prepare yourself for a sneak attack: the mouthfeel is oh-so-hoppy and a bit spicy. It is quite comfortable until the kick in the pants at the back of your tongue.  My spidey sense says that’s probably the American twist.

On a snowboarding halfpipe scale from me (the lowest value the number 1 has to offer) to Shaun White (10), India Pelican Ale lands around a 9.27 (Scotty Lago, mayhaps? In large quantities it may cause you to act like him, at least.)…unless you don’t like IPAs, in which case it lands on the floor.

I bought my bomber of Pelican at the Fred Meyer in Tillamook, OR, but I’m sure it has percolated to a few locations more inland, as well. Ideally you will rush on out to the coast for a day of shenanigans and savor a pint or so straight from the brewer’s tap in Pacific City.  For your sake, I hope the sun joins you there.