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Winter Blues? Bah, Humbug’r

I must admit, I was drawn to MacTarnahan’s Winter Humbug’r by the flashy label. Seriously, though, who doesn’t love strange cartoons of sloppy, inebriated men waving mistletoe in your face?  And that color scheme: aesthetically inviting. Too bad you can’t taste a label.

Holiday Humbug'r

...and a bottle o' beer in a pear tree

During the pour, it seemed thick and pleasantly dark – that’s a good sign, right?!  I do so love a good, dark beer – especially in a winter seasonal. The nose on this porter was characteristically nutty and sweet. I started to get a bit excited for that first sweet sip.  All signs were pointing to go.

In for the taste, and…

…payoff. Everything in the nose translated to my mouth. It wasn’t as bitter as I like my porters, but it did have a slight bite other than what I’d expected – perhaps on its way to a stout roast-ish taste, but just a tinge of it (“deceptively dark,” indeed). Strangely enough, though, none of this made it to the back of my tongue.  Gypped.  Even that roasty-toasty taste was along the periphs.

As for the finish, I’ve had better.  I’ve had much worse, but from a porter I expect better.  It lasted long enough after a few sips, but once I did get it to linger, I wished I hadn’t. It did not deck my halls with cheer, as promised, but I guess you could say it did fulfill its goal of unraveling my ribbons.  I would be content to drink this with friends and a movie, but I can think of a few porters I’d rather enjoy with dinner.

On a Sandra Bullock scale from All About Steve (1) to The Blind Side (10…remember, this scale is relative), I give Humbug’r about a Forces of Nature (7.2) – entertaining for sure, but neither memorable nor high art.  If you must serve this with food, try pairing with an open-face sandwich (broiled, of course) with provolone or swiss.

Specs: 5.3% abv, 27 IBUs; 6-er of 12 oz. bottles purchased at a WINCO in Eugene, OR (I forget for how much, though).

MacTarnahan’s is renowned for their Amber, and their PR guy is unofficially titled the “Director of Pontification and Tale Telling.”  Cute.