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Teetotal 180

For all 1 of you who lament the hiatus of my sporadic beer reviews, fear not…much!  While I may have given up drinking for the time-being (I’ve been pretty good, too), I am considering making “research” for reviews into exceptions.  (Meaning that I might just drink to review and that’s it.)  Hopefully my taste-buds will be extra-sensitive as a result of my teetotaling to be broken (soon?!?!).  Will my reviews be better because of it?  Doubtful, but at least they’ll be a taste of my former “glory.”

On a life-choice goal from heroin (1) to veganism (10), I’m gonna go ahead and give this post a score equivalent to teetotaling (8.5).  I’d arbitrarily say I get about 85% in “jealous” or “good life choice” reactions to my decision to stop drinking, so this may be the most scientifically rationalized rating to date, regardless of how made-up my statistics are.